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We recommend a few restaurants which are within walking distance from the conference venue.

Friday, October 18th LUNCH BREAK 13:30-15:00


"Element", T.Ševčenkos g.16 (Corner Hotel). Business Lunch / Swedish Table 7.50 EUR.

"Sofra", T.Ševčenkos g. 16A. Turkish cuisine.

"Žalias bufetukas",  T.Ševčenkos g. 19. Day lunch 6 EUR.

"Pas suvalkietę", Vytenio g. 20. Day lunch 4.80 EUR.

"Jin Mei" Chinese restaurant, Vytenio g. 8

"Soja", Birželio 23-iosios g. 10

"Pizza Jazz" in the RIMI Hypermarket, Kedrų g. 4