Sylvie Doláková, MA, is a teacher trainer focusing on teaching English to children aged 4–15 and students-to-be-teachers. Her courses are popular for creativity, applicability and usability in classrooms. She specialises in teaching English through art and stories as well as publishes language game books for children.

Presenter: Sylvie Doláková (The Czech Republic)

Date: Monday – Friday, 10–14 June 2013

Duration: Full course  – 40 academic hours  / 1 day – 8 academic hours

Venue: LUES Faculty of Lithuanian Studies, T. Ševčenkos St. 31, Vilnius

TOPICS:        Monday, 10 June / Day 1. Very young learners. Action games and movement.Tuesday, 11 June / Day 2. The basic skills. Listening, speaking, reading and writing. Wednesday, 12 June / Day 3. Storytelling and CLIL.Thursday, 13 June / Day 4. Project books and project games.Friday, 14 June / Day 5. Young teenagers. Games and songs.For workshop annotations see APPENDIX. A full course syllabus is available HERE.


– You can register for as many days as you wish. The participants who register for 5 days will receive  an invitation to LAKMA conference  on 11-12 October 2013.

– If you need help with accommodation, please let us know at

– LAKMA will cater for coffee/tea breaks.