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    08:00–08:45   REGISTRATION
    08:45–09:00   OPENING
    09:00–10:00   Session 1. Maria Stathopoulou, ECML, Council of Europe
    10:00–11:00   Session 2. Dave Spencer, Macmillan Education
    11:00–11:30   BREAK
    11:30–12:30   Session 3. Ania Kolbuszewska, Pearson Education
    12:30–13:30   Session 4. Dave Spencer, Macmillan  Education
    13:30–14:00   BREAK
    14:00–15:00   Session 5. Ania Kolbuszewska, Pearson Education
    15:00–16:00   Session 6. Beata Valungevičienė,  LAKMA (in Lithuanian)
    16:00–16:15   CLOSING

    15 EUR for LAKMA 2021 members / 30 EUR for non-members
    NO FEE for student members 2021 (registration compulsory) / 5 EUR for student non-members

    Registration and payment by 18 October, Monday.
    Advance payment invoices issued upon request. Letters of guarantee accepted.
    LAKMA bank account: SEB LT97 7044 0600 0457 8304
    Bank address: Gedimino pr. 12, Vilnius, Lithuania. SWIFT code: CBVILT2X

    Zoom link will be sent one day before the event.

    CERTIFICATES  will be issued by UAB „Šviesa“ mokymo centras (accredited institution).

    More information:


    Dr. Maria Stathopoulou is an Adjunct Lecturer at the Hellenic Open University and at the National Technical University of Athens. In 2014–2017, she was a member of the authoring group of experts of the Council of Europe for the update of the CEFR. Currently, her project “Mediation in Τeaching, Learning and Αssessment” (ME.T.L.A.) is being funded by the European Centre for Modern Languages (2020–2023). Her book “Cross-Language Mediation in Foreign Language Teaching and Testing” (2015) has been published by Multilingual Matters.

    Demystifying mediation in language education: approaches, challenges and perspectives. This presentation deals with the notion of mediation in the field of language didactics. It defines the notion as it appears in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) of the Council of Europe (2001) and in the new CEFR Companion Volume (2020), makes a distinction between cross-linguistic and intralinguistic mediation and explains the role of mediator when acting as a go-between in a communicative encounter which requires linguistic intervention so that understanding between all parties involved is possible. The presentation uses concrete examples of mediation tasks from the ME.T.L.A project (“Mediation in Teaching, Learning and Assessment”), a European project which is being currently carried out within the framework of the new programme of the European Centre of Modern Languages (ECML) (2020-2023).

    DAVE SPENCER, Macmillan Education (bio)
    TALK 1. Stronger together: Learning to collaborate and collaborating to learn (abstract)
    TALK 2. In my shoes: Developing empathy through mediation (abstract)

    ANIA KOLBUSZEWSKA, Pearson Education (bio)
    TALK 1. Mediation: the what and the why (abstract)
    TALK 2. Mediation: the how (abstract)

    BEATA VALUNGEVIČIENĖ, Lietuvos anglų kalbos mokytojų asociacija (bio)
    TALK. Mediacija atnaujinamose Lietuvos bendrojo ugdymo Užsienio kalbų bendrosiose programose (tezės)

    2021 LAKMA NACIONALINĖ ASAMBLĖJA – spalio 23 d.

    DARBOTVARKĖ (preliminary)
    09:30 – 09:50 Registracija / Prisijungimas
    09:50 – 10:00 Atidarymas
    10:00 – 12:00 Partnerių pranešimai
    12:00 – 12:15 Pertraukėlė
    12:15 – 12:45 LAKMA Prezidentės pranešimas
    12:45 – 13:00 Uždarymas. Loterija
    13:00 – 14:00 LAKMA Valdybos posėdis

    Kristina Urbonienė, LAKMA
    Ona Marija Vyšniauskaitė, Britų Taryba Lietuvoje
    Caitlin Nettleton, JAV Ambasada Vilniuje
    Ignas Žilinskas, Leidykla “Šviesa”
    (pranešėjų sąrašas pildomas)

    Asamblėja yra privaloma LAKMA nariams. Dalyvio pažymėjimai neišduodami. Registruotis nereikia.
    Renginys vyks ZOOM platformoje, nuorodą atsiųsime visiems nariams dieną prieš renginį.

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  • Kristina Urbonienė – LAKMA President

    LAKMA Board news update:

    The recent National Assembly 2020 has elected a new Board, and the recent Board Meeting has elected a new President – Kristina Urbonienė.

    Thank you, Eglė, for your contribution to the LAKMA community, and thank you, Kristina, in advance, for your future work. Good luck to all of us!

  • Padėka mokytojų dalykininkų asociacijoms
  • Nuotolinis mokymas

    Esame virtualios anglų kalbos mokyklos specialistai, turime didelę patirtį nuotoliniame mokyme. Norime pasidalinti patirtimi su tais, kurie šiuo metu ketina rengti užduotis savo mokiniams. Jei norėtumėte pasikonsultuoti, mielai atsakysime į jūsų klausimus.
    Virtualios anglų kalbos mokyklos komanda

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