Gražina Morozovienė,  Vilnius “Židinio” Adult Gymnasium

In October 2013 I took part in a Grundtvig training course in Dunfermline, Scotland. The course was funded by the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme which is managed by the Education Exchanges Support Foundation in Lithuania.

The course explored a wide range of new teaching and learning ideas, for example, how to make lessons more enjoyable and how to motivate students. We covered a variety of activities and discussed strategies for differentiation, such as learner styles or learning training. The impact of IT usage in the classroom was also touched upon.

We did a lot of practical activities focusing on the integration of skills and knowledge. We discussed recent developments in English; evaluation and assessment; correction and feedback. We were encouraged to share our ideas and experience. The workshop also included advance language practice, so it was a great opportunity for me to polish my own English skills.

The course participants were from different EU countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Romania and Lithuania. We exchanged ideas on education in different countries, raised problems and suggested solutions. I also presented my school and my country.

I am very glad I had a marvelous opportunity to learn in a multi-cultural environment and got to know other cultures and traditions.  The atmosphere was very cosy, the participants were like one big family. Together, we spent the time not only in the classroom, but also outside school. We had tours of Dunfermline, St Andrews and Edinburgh, we also enjoyed the Scottish dance evening.

I have improved my communication and cooperation skills and boosted my self-confidence. I have also broadened my horizons of different cultures and countries. Staying in the host family was one of the most memorable aspects of the course. We had fascinating conversations with the hosts, tasted traditional dishes, tried to read the Scottish comics, watched comedies and learned to dance Scottish folk dances.

I have gained valuable experience and will share it with my colleagues here in Lithuania. I believe that my lessons will become more interesting, creative and thus more effective. Contacts with the teachers from the EU countries provide an excellent opportunity for further cooperation. We will keep in touch and our lecturer Lucy will help us in sharing information on various issues of the educational process.