Common Features of the Assessment Criteria of PTE General and State English Exam (VBE)“

Baltic Examination Board in cooperation with LAKMA Curriculum and Exams SIG organised a seminar„Common Features of the Assessment Criteria of PTE General and State English Exam (VBE)“ which took place in Klaipėda „Vėtrungės“ Gymnasium on November 10th 2014. Presentations were given by Pearson Test of English (PTE) General Assessor Trainer Marija Klečkovska and Baltic Examination Board Chairperson Eglė Kesylienė. 100 teachers of English representing Klaipeda and its region educational institutions actively participated in the event.

The seminar focused on the assessment criteria of different parts of the examination, mainly on its writing assignment. Various practical tasks were given to the participants to analyze how the content of the spoken part of the examination could help to prepare students for VBE Spoken test, how these two exams are different and how the assessment criteria are similar. The participants also had to evaluate some of the candidates’ papers  in order to see the alignment of the descriptors to CEF. The final session was based on some practical tips and ideas on how the examination tasks could be integrated into the lesson.

Later, the case study on the preference for international exams was presented based on the research data collected from authorized testcentres in Lithuania. The advantages of international certification were discussed as well as recommendations provided on how students can benefit from that.

Rotas bookshop offered an impressive selection of teaching materials and Pearson contributed with very valuable prizes for raffle. The participants were awarded certificates and gave very positive feedback for the  organisers of the event.

Taking into account the huge interest of teachers in International exams, similar teacher training events can be organised in other regions. Please contact Baltic Examination Board at to agree on a possible date and time.

We look forward to seeing you at the forthcoming events!

Egle Kesyliene

Board Chairperson