How to Fail Successfully

An Open Lecture by Dr. Daryl McCarthy | 23 February

Fear is one of the biggest obstacles that will keep you from success. Unless you’re willing to fail, you will never succeed.  Every successful person has failed repeatedly. By learning from our failures, we will come closer to success. This is part of Dr. McCarthy’s all-campus lecture series How to Succeed in Life. 

Daryl McCarthy earned his professional doctorate in non-profit organizational leadership from The School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Graduate School. He also has graduate degrees in theology and philosophy of religion. He taught philosophy and theology for several years. In 1988 he was a co-founder of an international academic NGO and since then has worked with universities on every continent. Since 2011 he has been a part-time lecturer at the LithuanianUniversity of Educational Sciences. He is Vice President of Academic Programs and Strategy with European Leadership Forum. His areas of interest are effective leadership and the ways our view of Jesus contributes