On 4 February 2016, Klaipėda Gedminų Pre-gymnasium hosted a regional event – Educational Project Fair –organized by English teachers Kristina Rudelienė and Anton Petrovskij. 55 projects were presented by students,teachers, trainers and other staff from 30 educational institutions representing Klaipėda, Klaipėda district, Šilutė district and Plungė. The projects covered different levels of activity – school, national and international, including Erasmus+, Lifelong Learning, eTwinning, Nordplus, the EU Structural Funds. All projects have been highly effective and significantly enriched the process of education and school life in general. Participants of the fair showed their designed products and explained how they have been used after the projectsended. The participants shared useful experience, joyful mood, and creative ideas for project dissemination. Theteachers and the students discussed the factors important for the success of the project and the impact ofthe project on the school community. The participants also focused on practical issues, such as how to look forfunds and partners, how to complete application forms and how to manage the process of project implementation. The presentations and discussions were highly appreciated by the representatives of the Department ofEducation and Culture of Klaipėda municipality, Teachers` Center for Culture and Education andPedagogical Psychological Service. Probably the best feedback of the event was the impressions of theparticipants recorded on the evaluation wall, including questions such as “Will we be able to participateagain next year?” The prizes for the “Project Fair” participants were established by the Education ExchangesSupport Foundation, “Eurobiuras” and “Edukateka”. The majority of the international projects presented at the “Project Fair” focused on integrated activities andmaterials for the CLIL approach. Klaipėda Gedminai Pre-gymnasium team presented the following international projects in which English was the language of communication: 1. Comenius Multilateral School Partnership Project “United in Nature – National Nature, InternationalHeritage” with the integration of English, Lithuanian, Geography, Science and IT. Students produced a bookcalled “House of Nature” in English and Lithuanian and published a multilingual dictionary of the project. 2. Erasmus + (KA2) strategic partnership project “We Are the World, We Are The Children” with theintegration of English, Lithuanian, Ethics, IT and History. The project outcome is a publication -methodological guidelines called “Children can change the world, too.” This publication contains integratedlesson plans of History, Ethics, English, Art and the native language. 3. Erasmus + (KA2) general education strategic partnership project “ANEN” which focuses on theintegration of English, Lithuanian, Geography and Science. 4. Comenius multilateral school partnerships project “The Language of Art”, with English, Lithuanian, Dance,Theater and Visual arts. During the project, a training journal was produced covering topics such astraditions and customs of Lithuania, Turkey, Romania, Latvia and Poland, as well as a multilingual projectdictionary.