Professional development course FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT for teachers of young learners and young teenagers.
Course instructor – Cristina BERRY, USA
Venue: VDU Švietimo akademija, T. Ševčenkos g. 31, Vilnius. ROOM 305

ABSTRACT. Today’s educators have the responsibility of teaching more than subject content. To prepare students for life, it is imperative that teachers focus on skills such as creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. In order to develop these skills, educators should change the focus of assessment from achieving grades to valuing the learning process through reflection and goal-setting. This course will help teachers to use formative assessment diagnostically to create a student-centered classroom.

The course is 22 academic hours long and consists of three parts:
Part One. Introductory workshop. The participants will revise formative assessment strategies; get the tools to collect evidence of student learning; learn ways to provide feedback; create plans for learning that promote student accountability. (6 acad. hours).
Part Two. Online communication with the course instructor through an online platform to reflect on the assessment techniques which teachers try out in the classroom (10 acad. hours).
Part Three. Closing workshop. Reflection on what the participants have learned as they have implemented formative assessment in the classroom (6 acad. hours).
During each session, attendees will participate in hands-on formative assessment activities that can be taken back to the classroom, including group/pair discussion, playing games, and completing short projects. Yes, assessment can be interactive and fun!