Diana Galatiltienė: IATEFL Conference 2019

I am so proud to be LAKMA representative at the 53rd annual conference of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language 2019 Liverpool.

There were more than 500 sessions offering a rich selection of topics, with speakers from a wide range of backgrounds and contexts, sharing their expertise and experience!

The first day  I participated in IATEFL Associates meeting as a LAKMA representative. We discussed the following topics: attracting new members, keeping current members, how to budget to cover basic costs for the TA, webinars and the ways of finding conference speakers.

I had one unusually fantastic day as I had not only the role of a learner but also that of a lecturer! I gave a workshop “Smartphones As a Pedagogical Tool: Practical Approach”. The workshop explored the possibility of implementing smartphones in order to positively affect students’ learning motivation and learning outcomes. I demonstrated how using smartphones can easily contribute to creating a learner-centered environment in a friendly and competitive atmosphere. It was a unique feeling when you see your name everywhere: on the door, on leaflets, even on an app! I gave my workshop to a very international classroom. There were participants from Turkey, the USA, the UK, The Netherlands, Equador, Taiwan, Macedonia, Ireland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Uruguay, Poland, Germany and many other countries. Everyone was involved actively. Lots of positive feedback, hugs and smiles! And I was offered a job of a teacher trainer in Equador! I was so delighted! I did it! I dared, I tried and I got a fantastic result!

I was pleased to meet some people whom I admire a lot: the IATEFL President & Chair of Publications Commitee Harry Kuchah Kuchah (picture 1), Joe Dale who is a guru of using technology in the classroom (picture 2), Scott Thornbury, ELT author and speaker (picture 3) and many others. I spent five wonderful days in the company of like-minded professionals, met some good friends and made new ones as we interacted on a variety of topics of interest to us. I participated in more than 40 presentations and workshops.

I also had a big honour to participate in the IATEFL Annual General Meeting and feel the atmosphere of being surrounded by real professionals! Being among them and having even the right to vote for important issues was something incredible!

The IATEFL Exhibition was a bustling hub for delegates to find out about the latest products, services and trends in the world of ELT. We found a variety of exhibitors including publishers, course providers and examination boards, along with an exciting selection of events taking place each day!

I would like to thank LAKMA Board members whose trust and support enabled me to participate at one of the world’s largest celebrations of ELT networking!

Diana Galatiltienė, teacher expert of  Švenčionys Zigmas Žemaitis Gymnasium and Pabradė “Rytas” Gymnasium