Nordplus Framework Programme – Nordplus Adult

Project ID: AD-2010_1a-23036

Project website

Teacher Trainer Course on Content and Langauge Integrated learning – 4-5 November 2011

Coordinating institution: Lithuanian Association of Teachers of English (Lietuvos anglų kalbos mokytojų asociacija LAKMA)

Legal person: Eglė Petronienė

Coordinator: Loreta Andziulienė

(1) Partner institution: Estonian Association of Teachers of English (Eesti Inglise Keele Õpetajate Selts)

Legal person: Leena Punga

(2) Partner institution: Latvian Association of Teachers of English ( Latvijas Anglu valodas skolotaju asociacija)

Legal person: Silvija Ligita Daina Andernovics

The project aims to:

– promote social relationships: to establish relations and encourage cooperation of Teacher Associations in the Baltic countries, to facilitate communication among teachers across the Baltic countries;

– design a didactic course for CLIL teachers on the basis of the shared experience of English teachers of the partner countries;

– improve the process of teacher development, to help teachers develop their competencies as a result of life-long learning;

– improve social welfare: to prepare teachers for their educational work through continuous self-improvement and better awareness of environmental and climatic issues which will help them to enhance their learners’ interest in the said issues.