Inga KLINAUSKIENĖ, Kuršėnai Stasys Anglickis Pre-gymnasium, Lithuania

Joint WORKSHOP with Rasa Midverienė

Core values in one lesson

The teaching of values is often neglected in language education. This workshop focuses on ELT ideas, methods and activities that can be used for including values topics in the lessons. We invite teachers to discuss and discover a range of possibilities of values education that can be offered in one lesson through practical tasks designed around short videos, card games or sports. Linguistic, emotional, critical thinking development happens when students create stories and compare them to others, discuss and decide on their own core values or have fun practicing vocabulary while doing sports. Engaging and introspective activities can be used with almost any group of teenagers and will help teachers to make their lessons more active and attractive.


Teaching values through project-based learning: two examples of good practice

The purpose of the presentation is to share two different experiences of how to involve students into project-based learning about values. The “Side by Side” project is for older teenagers and focuses on volunteering ideas and community building relationships. By initiating and implementing a social project, teenagers have a great opportunity to develop their personal, social and civic competences, and to become a positive and leading force in their community. The “Say Hello to the World” project is for younger students. It connects children around the world, where throughout the game the children can learn about different cultures and traditions, share information about their home and school environment, discover the wider world and form their national and civic awareness.