Tauragė Žalgirių Gymnasium 
Presentation “Something Different in Teaching English”
We will present the experience of English language teachers from Tauragė Žalgirių gymnasium. The presentation will cover various ways of involving students into the learning process, such as using a different environment, giving integrated lessons, holding conferences and non-traditional days of education. We will try to reveal the importance of a dynamic learning environment in integrated lessons: ”Dance with Me” (English-Choreography-Music), ”Vilnius Old Town Race”,”Vilnius and I” and ”Tauragė Rally” (English-Art-History). We will also consider how to use Web Quests in integrated Georaphy-English-History lessons. Then we will focus on the international students’ conferences ”Youth Inspirations” and ”My Future is in My Hands” which are held every two years at our gymnasium. Lastly, we will offer some ideas for non-traditional educational days, such as ”European Day of Languages”.