22–23 September 2011, Vilnius, Lithuania



08:00–09:00     REGISTRATION

09:00–09:30     OPENING / ASSEMBLY HALL / Moderator Eglė Petronienė

                             Eglė PETRONIENĖ (LAKMA)

                             Algirdas GAIŽUTIS (Vilnius Pedagogical University)

                             Irena RAUDIENĖ (Ministry of Education and Science)

                             Vilma BAČKIŪTĖ (British Council, Lithuania)

                             Nick HERSH (US Embassy, Vilnius)

                             Mojca BELAK (IATEFL TD SIG)

09:30–11:30  PLENARY TALKS/ASSEMBLY HALL / Moderator Eglė Petronienė

09:30–10:30  Gavin DUDENEY (IATEFL/TheConsultants-E, UK) New Literacies, Teachers & Learners

10:30–11:30  Duncan FOORD (TD SIG IATEFL/Oxford TEFL, UK) From “English Teacher” to “Learning Coach”

11:30–12:00  COFFEE


ROOM   250 / Moderator   Birutė Bersėnienė
12:00–13:00 13:05–14:05Duncan FOORD (TD SIG IATEFL/Oxford TEFL, UK)Inspiring students to practise English   outside classElė PRANAITYTĖ (Freelance,   Lithuania)National Geographic DVDs for ELT
ROOM   252 / Moderator   Staselė Riškienė
12:00–13:00 13:05–14:05Mojca BELAK (TD SIG   IATEFL, UK)Managing   movementStaselė RIŠKIENĖ   (Kuršėnai Pavenčiai Secondary School, Lithuania)iPod, iPhone and iPad in ELT
ROOM   234 / Moderator   Vilma Bačkiūtė
12:00–13:00 13:05–14:05Charles GOODGER (FunSongs   Education, UK)They will never   forget! Teaching new language through action songsVilma BAČKIŪTĖ (British   Council Lithuania)A   Core Inventory for General English
ROOM   259 / Moderator   Jurga Cibulskienė
12:00–13:00 13:05–14:05Kristina   SMITH (Pilgrims, UK)Class blogs – giving students (some)   controlTatjana KRILIUVIENĖ   (Kuršėnai Laurynas Ivinskis Gymnasium)Tips for   Interactive Teaching/Learning in Class
ROOM   419 (computer   classroom) / Moderator Sandra Jasionavičienė  
12:00–13:00 13:05–14:05Gavin DUDENEY   (IATEFL/TheConsultants-E)New   Literacies : From Theory to PracticeSandra JASIONAVIČIENĖ   (Vilnius Pedagogical University, Lithuania)Using Technologies in the Class of   Creative Writing

14:05–15:00  LUNCH                                                    

15:00–17:00 PLENARY TALKS / ASSEMBLY HALL / Moderator Linas Selmistraitis

15:00–15:45  Frances EALES (Pearson Education) The Real World in the Classroom

15:45–16:30  Gergo SANTHA (US Embassy, Hungary) Teaching Tolerance and Cross-Cultural Understanding through Summer Camps

16:30–17:00  Ieva ZDANYTĖ (Partners in Learning Program, Microsoft, Lithuania) Engage your Students in Creative Ways

17:00–17:30  COFFEE

17:30–19:00  PARALLEL TALKS

ROOM 250 / Tertiary Level / Moderator Gergo Santha
17:30–18:00  18:00–18:30  18:30–19:00Romualda LIUTKUVIENĖ   (Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium, Lithuania) International   Project “Equal by Law, but not in Reality”: it’s more than learning   a languageNijolė Marija TIKUIŠIENĖ (Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium, Lithuania)Debates in a Modern LessonDenise LOWERY, Gergo   SANTHA (US Embassy, Budapest, Hungary)English   Language Programs and Resources: What Your RELO Can Do for You
ROOM   252 / International Links /   Moderator Robin Gingerich  
17:30–18:00  18:00–18:30  18:30–19:00Arshya KEYVANFAR, Rezaie KATAYOON(Islamic Azad   University, Iran) Input   Mode and Construct-Irrelevant Variance in TOEFL iBT Integrated Writing TaskMojgan RASHTCHI,   Sholekar  SHIMA (Islamic Azad University, Iran)Teaching   Writing through Formative Assessment StrategiesRobin GINGERICH (LCC International University, Lithuania) Mentoring young English teachers:   What really helps them to become good teachers? 
ROOM   234 / Arts and Creativity /   Moderator Robert Leščinski
17:30–18:00  18:00–18:30  18:30–19:00Irma ADOMAVIČIENĖ   (Šiauliai Romuva Gymnasium, Lithuania)Doing a Subject in a   Foreign Language: Integrated Learning of Art and EnglishIzolda GENIENĖ (LAKMA   Past President) Interdisciplinary   Approach to Teaching Language, Poetry and Culture Using Elements of the   Visual ArtNatalie   GOROHOVA (Freelance, Latvia) Design Thinking in your classroom: Business English as an unexpected   source of inspiration 
ROOM   259 / Learning Online /   Moderator Loreta Andziulienė
17:30–18:00   18:00–18:30 18:30–19:00Svetlana   TITOVA (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia) Developing ICT   competence of language teachers through an online professional development   course: strategies and challenges Rasma   STUOKIENĖ (Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium, Lithuania) Opportunities for   International Online Projects Liudmila   POGOŽILSKAJA (Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania) The use of Moodle tools in ESP   full-time studies at MRU 
Assembly Hall / Curriculum SIG / Moderator Birutė Bersėnienė  
17:30–19:00Birutė BUINEVIČIENĖ (Vėtrunge Gymnasium, Klaipėda, Lithuania), Elmyra JURKŠAITIENĖ (Versmė Gymnasium, Tauragė, Lithuania), Romualda LIUTKUVIENĖ (Jonas Jablonskis   Gymnasium, Kaunas, Lithuania), Kristina URBONIENĖ (Saulėtekis Gymnasium, Šiauliai, Lithuania)Secondary   Curriculum Implementation: examples of good practiceNOTE: this session will be run in   Lithuanian 

19:00–21:00  RECEPTION / GROUND FLOOR CAFETERIA (a fee of 20 LT paid upon registration)


08:00–09:00  REGISTRATION

09:00–11:00  PLENARY TALKS / ASSEMBLY HALL / Moderator Andrzej Raczkowski

09:00–10:00  Annette CAPEL  (English Profile Programme, Cambridge ESOL, UK) Insights from English Vocabulary Profiles – A Powerful Electronic Resource

10:00–11:00 Chris MOORE (LanguageLab, UK) Using the power of virtual worlds for Business English learning

11:00–11:30  COFFEE


ROOM   250 / Moderator Lilija   Vilkancienė
11:30–12:30 12:35–13:35Annette   CAPEL (English Profile Programme, Cambridge ESOL, UK)Towards   Cambridge English First: target vocabulary for a B2 course Lilija VILKANCIENĖ (ISM University   of Management and Economics,    Lithuania) Biology CLIL Way
ROOM   252 / Moderator   Loreta Andziulienė
11:30–12:30 12:35–13:35Mojca BELAK (TD SIG   IATEFL, UK)Stories   for the story-hungry right brainLoreta ANDZIULIENĖ   (Vilnius Pedagogical   University, Lithuania)Aims of and Rationale for Content   and Language Integrated Learning
ROOM   419 (computer   classroom) / Moderator Elmyra Jurkšaitienė
11:30–12:30 12:35–13:35Kristina   SMITH (Pilgrims, UK) Running   synchronous chat with EFL learners Elmyra JURKŠAITIENĖ, Jūratė   ORLOVIENĖ (Tauragė Versmė Gymnasium,    Lithuania) CLIL:   an integrated Geography and English lesson
ROOM   326 (computer   classroom) / Moderator Sandra Jasionavičienė
11:30–13:35Chris MOORE (LanguageLab, UK)Blending   virtual classes with face-to-face classes – providing a transformational   learning experience

13:35–14:30  LUNCH                                                    

14:30–15:30  PLENARY TALK / ASSEMBLY HALL / Moderator Loreta Andziulienė

Kristina SMITH (Pilgrims, UK) The danger of carts before horses: putting pedagogy before technology

15:30–16:00  CLOSING, RAFFLE, CERTIFICATES / ASSEMBLY HALL / Moderator Eglė Petronienė

16:00–16:30  COFFEE

16:30–17:30  LAKMA ASSEMBLY (both members and non-members are invited)

16:30–18:30  A BUS TOUR OF VILNIUS (a fee of 50 LT paid upon registration)