Liliane Sakamoto is the Overseas Teachers Course Coordinator at Alpha College of English. She holds an M.Phil in English Language Teaching from Trinity College and has several years experience. In the last year, she has focused on teacher training and development with an emphasis on the use of technology.


DIGITAL REALIA – Online Communities of Participation and Collaboration in the classroom and beyond
Online communities of participation and collaboration such as YouTube, Facebook and Google Drive have become intrinsic to the way we interact with others and entertain ourselves. If we fail to provide our learners with the opportunity to develop their language skills in a manner which emulates their life outside our schools, we fail to provide them with an authentic learning experience. This presentation will look at ways of utilizing “digital realia” to enhance our learners development and transforming a class into an online community which will continue to collaborate and communicate amongst themselves and with our schools beyond their stay.


Social Media as Digital Realia

Abstract: This workshop will look at Twitter, YouTube and Facebook as culturally rich environments in which the four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) can be developed and how the three networks can be linked together and integrated in a meaningful way inside the classroom and for lifelong learning.