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Presentation “The Uses of Theoretical Linguistics in Teaching a Practical Course”

The aims of the presentation are: to introduce the topical novelty and content of a course of English grammar based on the data of the most recent survey of English usage and on the functional theory of language; to explain the uses of the modern presentation of the grammar of English to students in their short- and long-term needs; to indicate the acceptance and acceptability of such a course. The target audience are teachers of English grammar at all stages, of language practice and written practice (composition) in English; students of English, MA and postgraduate level.

The audience would benefit from the presentation by comparing their own practice and methods of teaching grammar and probably picking new ideas for their own classes; by taking a chance to clarify questions of the theory and its applied aspects; by discussing the content and value of concrete topics in the course presented and their possible simplification for classroom teaching, and more (for example, by comparing the teaching of grammar through decades, by discussing the most recent views on grammar by British and American authors, etc.)