Marlene Wall is President of LCC International University in Klaipėda, Lithuania, a multicultural university with tudents from 29 countries and all classes taught in English. Marlene was born in Montevideo, Uruguay; is a Canadian citizen; spent all of her high school years in Asuncion, Paraguay; completed her higher education and spent much of her professional life in the United States; and has lived in Lithuania for 11 years. Her identity as a TCK (Third Culture Kid) has shaped her professional trajectory. Having taught ESL in a multicultural high school for many years, she moved into ESL administration of a large public school system in Kansas. She completed her PhD in Curriculum and instruction, with an emphasis in ESL. Marlene has conducted professional development workshops in the United States, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, DR of Congo, and Lebanon. She is a member of TESOL and has presented at International TESOL conferences.


Defining Hospitality: Cultural and Linguistic Competence in the Global Village

When discussions of English language teaching move from a perspective of linguistic comprehension to a perspective of intercultural competence, the paradigm requires an integrative approach rather than a programmatic approach. In this context-sensitive postmethod pedagogical environment of the 21st century, educators should be encouraged to reach beyond the “normal” issues of fluency, culture, and curriculum and should seek an understanding of the global village that challenges notions of otherness and foreignness. Henri Nouwen’s definition of hospitality as “the creation of a free space where a stranger can enter and become a friend” provides a broad framework for the pursuit of globally prepared English speakers. Nouwen’s concept of hospitality together with Kumaravadivelu’s notion of a postmethod pedagogy suggest a refreshing approach to the increasingly complex task of English language teaching.