Mona SIKSEK, National Geographic Learning

Mona Siksek is a teacher, teacher trainer, and examiner with over 30 years’ working in the ELT industry in one form or another. Having gained a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts, she went on to gain a master’s degree in TEFL from St. Michael’s College in Vermont, USA.  Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Mona is currently based in Greece and her own experiences of learning a second language, her vast teaching experience, along with her recent experience of teaching refugees, has provided her with invaluable insight into the difficulties and aspirations of teachers as well as learners of multicultural backgrounds.


The importance of role models in developing 21st century citizens

The challenges of teaching and learning a foreign language are growing fast. In this ever-changing world, positive role models being a vital part of Values Education aim to keep our students ‘grounded’.  In this presentation, we will look at how National Geographic explorers can inspire and motivate students into becoming 21st century citizens and encourage them to want to make an impact on the world through their communities.


Using TED talks to develop global citizenship

There is something undisputable about watching a live TED talk.  Not only does it expose learners to authentic language, but also motivates them to think creatively and communicate effectively in and outside the classroom. This session invites teachers to reflect on how to integrate Values Education in the English language classroom by using authentic material, as found in National Geographic Learning’s Perspectives series.