As society becomes more linguistically, racially, socially and culturally diverse, it is necessary for schools, particularly language teachers, to take steps to make their classrooms more inclusive so that their students feel included and involved in their own education. Plurilingual education makes use of strategies that facilitate the inclusion of all aspects of students´ identities. During the first of two sessions, participants will reflect on how language teaching has started to shift away from a monolingual focus and will analyze lesson plans that make use of plurilingual strategies in order to apply them in their own contexts in the time between the two sessions. During the second of two sessions, participants will reflect on their experience with using plurilingustic strategies and create a guide for other language teachers in Lithuania.

Dates: November 11 – December 9, 2022
Place:               ZOOM. The link will be sent to registered participants one day before the Zoom meetings.
Fee:                   the course is free of charge, the participants pay 3€ for certificates.
Registration: by 10 November
Participants will receive certificates of the accredited program (accreditation No. 213003277, 2022-09-22).

Outline for the training: