Agnieszka HYBEL-SZYMANSKA, Pearson

English teacher by profession (graduated from English Philology Department at Jagiellonian University in Krakow), has been working for Pearson as a consultant and regional manager in Poland and Eastern European countries ( Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia), advising teachers and institutions on their English teaching programmes, implementing new technologies, training teachers and delivering seminars.


Social and emotional intelligence in the ELT classroom: why it matters and how to teach it

Nowadays, foreign language teaching isn’t simply about enabling learners to communicate. As teachers, we now find ourselves faced with the challenge of helping our learners to develop crucial life skills, including social and emotional intelligence. Studies show that supporting students in building social-emotional intelligence will boost their chances of success at school, at work and in life. But what do we mean by these terms? How do we go about combining social and emotional learning into our language teaching in a way that will be meaningful and effective? This session will suggest possible answers to these questions and provide numerous practical ideas and activities aimed at developing social and emotional intelligence alongside language development in and out of the ELT classroom. 


Experience social and emotional intelligence in the ELT classroom

In this hands-on workshop session, we will explore some different ways of developing social and emotional intelligence in and out of the ELT classroom. We will provide teachers with numerous, highly practical ideas and activities to incorporate emotional and social learning into English language teaching.