19th LAKMA International Conference 18–19 October 2019

FRIDAY October 18

08:00–09:00 REGISTRATION | ground floor foyer
09:00–09:25 OPENING | Room A7 | Moderator Eglė Petronienė
Artūras Vasiliauskas, British Council Lithuania, Country Director

PLENARY TALKS | Room A7 | Moderator Eglė Petronienė
09:30–10:25 Nik PEACHEY Developing our students as more than language learners
10:30–11:25 Grzegorz SPIEWAK 21st century values for teaching global English: The why and the how

11:30–11:55 COFFEE | ground floor foyer


ROOM 300 Moderator Inesa Rusecka
12:00–12:25 Inesa RUSECKA Erasmus+ activities to foster values
12:30–13:25 Asta ANTULIENĖ Developing critical thinking as a core value

ROOM 305 Moderator Robin Gingerich
12:00–12:25 Thanis BUNSOM Using English literary texts to cultivate intercultural literacy
12:30–13:25 Robin GINGERICH Teaching tolerance: Using world news media to teach values

ROOM 306 Moderator Vilda Kiaunytė
12:00–12:25 Carmelina MAURIZIO Teaching gender values in a secondary school
12:30–13:25 Vilda KIAUNYTĖ (Re)creating values and meanings through literary texts: blackout poems

ROOM 310 Moderator Loreta Andziulienė
12:00–12:25 Volha DZMITRIYEVA Values education through teaching a fiction story to students
12:30–13:25 Tatjana KRILIUVIENĖ Competency building, leadership and teamwork as values in education

ROOM 318 Moderator Gretchen Ketner
12:00–12:25 Gretchen KETNER Values in action: Using fiction to engage with social issues
12:30–13:25 Magdalena ADAS International music projects: Using songs to teach about social issues

13:30–14:55 LUNCH. See the list of recommended restaurants in your Participant’s Pack.

PLENARY TALKS | Room A7 | Moderator Linas Selmistraitis
15:00–15:55 Agnieszka HYBEL-SZYMANSKA Social and emotional intelligence in the ELT classroom: why it matters and how to teach it
16:00-16:55 Mona SIKSEK The importance of role models in developing 21st century citizens

17:00–17:25 COFFEE + Poster Presentations | ground floor foyer

Alma BALNIENĖ, Renata ZAKARIENĖ. How can I help my classmates? Explore, discover, share.


ROOM 300 Moderator Loreta Andziulienė
17:30–17:55 Rachanee DERSINGH Using EFL activities to promote acceptance and inclusion
18:00–18:55 Agnieszka HYBEL-SZYMANSKA Experience social and emotional intelligence in the ELT classroom

ROOM 305 Moderator Inga Veberienė
17:30–17:55 Charity GIVENS Ethical sourcing: Locating and using sources
18:00–18:55 Adam MASTANDREA Facilitating values education group discussion in your classroom

ROOM 306 Moderator Robin Gingerich
17:30–17:55 Ksenija ŠEVCOVA Students’ beliefs: Reducing academic dishonesty
18:00–18:55 Nik PEACHEY Taking a creative approach to language development

ROOM 310 Moderator Diana Galatiltienė
17:30–17:55 Marija VĖŽIENĖ Promoting tolerance and acceptance of diverse students in higher education
18:00–18:55 Mona SISKEK Using TED talks to develop global citizenship

ROOM 318 Moderator Linas Selmistraitis
17:30–17:55 Pattamawan Jimarkon ZILLI Integrating scientific skills into learning cultures
18:00–18:55 Grzegorz SPIEWAK Why does communication fail in a(ny) language? And how can value-sensitive language education help out?

19:00–20:00 EVENING ENTERTAINMENT | ground floor foyer.
Vouchers can be purchased at the Registration desk during the breaks on Friday.

SATURDAY October 19

08:30–09:00 REGISTRATION

PLENARY TALKS | Room A7 | Moderator Robin Gingerich
09:00–09:55 Adam MASTANDREA Values education in action
10:00–10:25 Tomas RAKOVAS Learning to Be [assertive, responsible, helpful…] at School: A toolkit for developing and assessing students’ social and emotional learning in class
10:30–10:55 Eglė PETRONIENĖ Learning to care through English

11:00–11:25 COFFEE + Poster Presentations | ground floor foyer


Room 300 Moderator Saulius Skučas
11:30–11:55 Saulius SKUČAS Research project as a means of instilling values in learners
12:00–12:55 Alla JUREVICHIENE Interactive exercises to foster tolerance and empathy

ROOM 305 Moderator Kristina Urbonienė
11:30–11:55 Vaiva BERNATONYTĖ-AŽUKIENĖ Positive classroom management as a tool to promote values education
12:00–12:55 Kristina URBONIENĖ Start Strong: Career development through learning values

ROOM 306 Moderators Inga Klinauskienė and Rasa Midverienė
11:30–11:55 Inga KLINAUSKIENĖ Teaching values through project-based learning: examples of good practice.
12:00–12:55 Rasa MIDVERIENĖ, Inga KLINAUSKIENĖ Core values in one lessson

ROOM 318 Moderator Loreta Andziulienė
11:30–11:55 Aušra SKEIVYTĖ Fostering values through projects
12:00–12:55 Loreta ANDZIULIENĖ Values in personal branding in ELT

PLENARY TALKS | Room A7 | Moderator Eglė Petronienė
13:00–13:25 Živilė LAZAUSKIENĖ Fostering personal values by taking on challenges: ASSIST
13:30–13:45 Marija KLEČKOVSKA PTE exams-your key to success

13:45–14:00 CLOSING. RAFFLE. Raffle tickets can be purchased at the Registration desk during the breaks.Please see the list of raffle gifts in your Participant’s Pack.
14:00–14:30 Wine and snacks RECEPTION hosted by the Baltic Examination Board

14:30–15:30 LAKMA NATIONAL ASSEMBLY (in Lithuanian). Room A7. Members and non-members are invited.