Loreta Zavadskienė

works for the Institute of Foreign Languages at Vilnius University. At present she is teaching English for Medical Purposes to the 1st year students at the Faculty of Medicine. Loreta is a graduate of Vilnius University and she holds a Master’s degree in Education Studies, Foreign Language Teaching.
Loreta is also a Teacher-Methodologist with the experience of 10 years’ work at a high education level as a teacher of English. She is a member of LATEFL (Lithuanian Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language), LATL (Lithuanian Association of Teachers of Languages) and International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL). Her research interests include various aspects of ESP, Academic English and ELT methodology.
Currently her interests focus on CLIL. Loreta was a co-author of teaching materials and a didactic course for subject teachers in the international project “Green English in CLIL: a Teacher Training Course” (2010-2012), coordinated by Lithuanian Association of Teachers of English in cooperation with Latvian Association of Teachers of English and Estonian Association of Teachers of English and funded by Nord plus. In the national project „Development of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in Education“ (2011-2013) funded by the European Structural Funds and Ministry of Education and Science under the „Human Development Action Programme“ Loreta was a CLIL methodology materials developer and a CLIL teacher trainer. In 2013 she participated in the international conference “The CLIL Conference 2013: Modernizing Educational Practice Perspectives in Content and Language Integrated Learning“ in Poland.

The main objective of LATEFL CLIL SIG is to provide the CLIL SIG members with the opportunity to disseminate good practice in CLIL by exchanging experience and to increase their level of competence through round table discussions, seminars, workshops and conferences. Linked to the main objective, CLIL SIG aims at:

  1. enhancing different teachers’ interest in the innovative methodology of CLIL;
  2. providing up-to-date information concerning advances in CLIL, and maintaining both subject and language proficiencies;
  3. helping teachers to prepare for their educational work in the sphere of CLIL through continuous self-improvement and better awareness of CLIL;
  4. providing guidance to professionals new or relatively new to CLIL;
  5. providing consultancy to individuals and organisations on CLIL matters;
  6. establishing relations and encouraging cooperation with CLIL SIGs from other Teacher Associations locally and internationally;
  7. facilitating communication among teachers across the partner countries;
  8. organising joint events with organisations of a similar interest and profile.

Activity plan for the academic year 2014-2015:

  1. Conducting needs analysis of CLIL SIG members
  2. Preparation for the international LAKMA conference “Focus on CLIL – Lithuania 2015”
  3. Preparation of the series of seminars “CLIL Essentials”

October 2010 – March 2012

Alma Balnienė
Vilnius Šviesa Primary School

Larisa Baronienė and Almanta Vizbarienė
(Kaunas Ąžuolas Catholic Secondary School)
Integrated lesson ‘Our Park’

Astra Daugėlienė and Danguolė Lamanauskienė
(Ignalina Česlovas Kudaba Secondary School)
Integrated English-Technologies lesson ‘I am making my healthy lunch’

Elmyra Jurkšaitienė and Jūrate Orlovienė
(Tauragė Versmė Gymnasium)
Integrated English-Geography lesson ‘Migration’

Vaida Kaikarienė and Ernesta Mikalauskaitė
(Klaipėda Herman Zuderman Gymnasium)
Integrated English-Science lesson ‘Famous People of the World’

Nadežda Tichomirova and Onutė Gudžiūnienė
(Veliuona A. and J.Jushka Gymnasium)
Integrated lesson ‘Per cent and Fractions’

Kristina Urbonienė and Danguolė Vaičekauskienė
(Šiauliai Saulėtekis Gymnasium)
Integrated English-Biology lesson ‘Earth is calling SOS!’

Renata Zakarienė
(Vilnius Šviesa Primary School)
Integrated English-Art lesson ‘Autumn Colours’

Birutė Buinevičienė is a teacher-methodologist at Vėtrungės Gymnasium in Klaipėda. Professional interests include ELT methodology. (birutebui11@gmail.com)

Vitalija Pliakuvienė is a teacher-expert at Ąžuolyno Gymnasium in Klaipėda.Professional interests include ELT methodology. (hyvita@gmail.com)

Curriculum and Exams SIG aims

  • to encourage colleagues to share good practice and innovative ideas;
  • to promote effective methods of developing and assessing language skills;
  • to help learners meet the requirements of the national examination;
  • to organize events related to topical issues;
  • to provide relevant  information online.

Jurgita Bertulienė (jurgita@lakmaonline.lt)
Computer-based teaching expert

Professional interests:
interactive tasks, engines for creating interactive tasks, LCMS (Learning Content Management Systems), CMS (Content Management Systems), programming, Integrated multimedia environments for design and support of language learning tools, remote training.

Current focus:
Individualization of the learning process applying computer-based curriculum.

The aims:

  • Create a community of computer-minded teachers
  • Help teachers to develop their IT skills
  • Share the experience
  • Generate new ideas

Nida Burneikaitė (burneikaite@hotmail.com)

Pre-service and in-service teacher trainer, curriculum writer and ELT expert. Professional interests: second language acquisition, applied linguistics and ELT methodology. Current focus: teaching English to young learners, European Language Portfolio at primary level.