“ELT SIGNPOSTS 2017“ in Brno

Vaida Jucienė and Gintarė Kolesnikova, Tauragė Žalgirių Gymnasium

On 8-9 September 2017, we attended the international conference “ELT SIGNPOSTS 2017” organized by the Czech Association of English Teachers and the English Language and Literature Department and held at Masaryk University in Brno. The purpose of the conference was to bring English language teaching professionals to share their experience with colleagues from the Czech Republic and foreign countries.

During the conference, reports on language teaching with the use of information technologies in the classroom, the role of project work in the educational process, the ways of developing students’ abilities and skills were introduced.

We were two representatives of LAKMA at this conference and introduced our online project “One country – many stories” which involved school teams across the country designing e-books consisting of illustrated stories. The project was running for two years and had the aim to develop students’ interest in English, to inspire and encourage them to communicate and collaborate actively, creatively and originally. We presented the process and product of the project and the software used to implement it.

The work at the conference was very intense and interesting. A wealth of methodological materials, practical tips, and group work made it easier for teachers to discuss, share their experiences and learn new ideas.