The U.S. Embassy Vilnius and the Lithuanian Association of English Language Teachers (LAKMA) are organizing a 5-day international VALUES EDUCATION CAMP “WE CARE!” in Lithuania for teenagers of various ethnic backgrounds from the U.S., Poland, Greece and Lithuania.

The camp aims to:

  • promote cross-cultural dialog between ethnic groups within Lithuania, and with partners from Poland, Greece and the United States through the shared camp experience;
  • foster human values, such as respect and responsibility, through discussion of universal human rights, media literacy, and inclusion of ethnic minorities, refugees and partner nations in this multicultural dialog;
  • promote the English language as a tool to implement human values education by providing an intensive experience where English is used by students and teachers to discover new ideas and articulate their own ideas.

Time: July 27–31, 2023
Place: Dvarčėnų Dvaras on the shores of Lake Suvingio, Alytus region
Age of students: 14–15 years. In Lithuania – students who have finished grade 8.
The camp is FREE OF CHARGE for both students and teachers. All costs will be covered, including transportation (Vilnius Bus Station – Dvarčėnai), accommodation, meals, and educational supplies.

The Camp is sponsored by the U.S. Embassy Vilnius and organized by LAKMA with support from the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences.

Participating schools:                                                                                 

  • US – South Sound Schools
  • Poland – Szkoła Podstawowa nr 5 im. Janusza Kusocińskiego w Świdniku
  • Greece – Music High School in Kastoria
  • Lithuania – 4 schools from different regions (1 teacher and 6 students from each school)


English teachers interested in working at the camp are invited to apply by June 7, 2023.
Please complete the online APPLICATION FORM:
The four teachers selected for the camp will be contacted on June 12, 2023. 
The list of students will have to be submitted by June 16, 2023to LAKMA president Kristina Urbonienė:
Selected teachers will be required to participate in an online 2-day preparatory workshop on June 28–29, 2023All costs (travel, accommodation, and meals) will be covered.


TEACHER profile:
* is a qualified teacher of English, with at least three years of experience of teaching teenagers
* (preferable) has experience using social media platforms (Facebook, Blogger, etc.)
* has permission of her/his school Principal to apply for the camp 

STUDENT profile:
* has sufficient knowledge of English (6+ years of studies, A2+ level according to CEFR)
* is interested in meeting peers from Lithuania, Poland, Greece and the U.S.
* has submitted to the Teacher a written parental consent to participate at the camp


Selected TEACHERS are expected to:
* participate in an online preparatory workshop, June 28–29, 2023
* complete a home assignment before the preparatory workshop
* at the camp, work in a team with other teachers of English, counselors and volunteers                                                        
* organize educational activities for groups of students from ethnically-diverse backgrounds
* produce a written report about the camp to be posted on the school website / Facebook by September 15, 2023 (The International Day of Democracy)
* make a presentation about the camp for the school community
* submit a written report to LAKMA president by September 15, 2023

Selected STUDENTS are expected to:
* participate in camp activities throughout the week
* contribute to the written report about the camp to be posted on the school website / Facebook
* contribute to the oral presentation about the camp for the school community


The TEACHERS will:
* be working in an English-only environment for a week
* be working together with colleagues from Lithuania, Poland, Greece and the U.S.
* receive a stipend of 180 EUR to cover the working hours at the camp
* gain ideas on implementing values education at school  
* develop their social media skills
* receive an educational certificate

The STUDENTS will:
* make new friends
* become better team players
* improve English skills through group activities
* meet interesting people, who have studied in the U.S. and guests from the U.S.
* live for a week in a beautiful environment, spend a lot of time outdoors and eat healthy food
* receive a certificate of participation