International Conference “Values Education in ELT”

The conference aims at exploring the possibilities of integrating values education into English language teaching and learning. Plenary talks, presentations and workshops will focus on approaches and activities that promote the development of the learner’s social and emotional intelligences as well as the values of democracy, diversity, inclusion etc. ELT professionals from all educational levels will share their ideas and practices in this area.

Date: 18-19 October 2019

Deadline for registration: 14 October

Venue: Vytautas Magnus University Education Academy, T. Ševčenkos St. 31, Vilnius



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Magdalena Adas. International music projects: Using songs to teach about social issues.

Loreta Andziulienė. Values in personal branding in ELT.

Asta Antulienė. Developing critical thinking as a core value

Alma Balnienė, Renata Zakarienė. How can I help my classmates? Explore, discover, share.

Vaiva Bernatonytė-Ažukienė. Positive classroom management as a tool to promote values education.

Thanis Bunsom. Using English literary texts to cultivate intercultural literacy.

Rachanee Dersingh, Using EFL activities to promote acceptance and inclusion.

Volha Dzmitryieva. Values education through teaching a fiction story to university students.

Robin Gingerich. Teaching tolerance: Using world news media to teach values.

Charity Givens. Ethical sourcing: Locating and using sources responsibly in writing.

Alla Jurevichiene. Interactive exercises to foster tolerance and empathy.

Gretchen Ketner. Values in action: Using fiction to engage with social issues.

Vilda Kiaunytė. (Re)creating values and meanings through literary texts: blackout poems.

Inga Klinauskienė. Teaching values through project-based learning: examples of good practice.

Tatjana Kriliuvienė. Competency building, leadership and teamwork as values in education.

Rasa Midverienė, Inga Klinauskienė. Core values in one lesson.

Inesa Rusecka. Erasmus+ activities to foster values.

Aušra Skeivytė. Fostering values through projects.

Saulius Skučas. Research project as a means of instilling values in learners.

Ksenija Ševcova. Students’ beliefs: Reducing academic dishonesty.

Kristina Urbonienė. Start Strong: Career development through learning values.

Marija Vėžienė. Promoting tolerance and acceptance of diverse students in higher education.

Pattamawan Jimarkon Zilli. Integrating scientific skills into learning cultures.

Oral presentation 30 min. including question time. Abstract 100-120 words.

Workshop 60 min. including question time. Abstract 100-120 words.

Poster presentation A1 size, portrait. Abstract 100-120 words.

Deadline for submitting speaker proposals – September 20th.

Notification of acceptance of papers – September 23rd.

Speaker registration / payment – September 27th.

Non-speaker registration / payment – October 14th.

30 EUR for LAKMA 2019 members.

60 EUR for non-members.

6 EUR for Vytautas Magnus University full-time BA, MA and Erasmus students. Registration is compulsory.

The fee covers conference talks, materials, 4 coffee breaks and a certificate.

Lunch is not included in the fee.

Speaker and non-speaker fees are the same.

The fee for a spouse is 30 EUR.

The deadline for paying speaker and non-speaker fees ir September 27th.

Non-speakers must transfer the fee before completing the online registration form.
Speakers will transfer the fee after their proposal has been accepted.
LAKMA bank account: SEB Bank LT977044060004578304
Bank address: Gedimino pr. 12, Vilnius, Lithuania
Invoice will be issued upon registration at the conference venue.
Advance payment invoice issued by e-mail upon request.

DAY 1. The evening reception will be held on 18 October.

Tickets can be purchased upon registration at the conference venue.

Ticket price 10 EUR (cash only).

Wine, snacks and musical entertainment will be offered.

DAY 2. The afternoon / closing reception will be held on 19 October.

The reception will be hosted by the Baltic Examination Board.

Thank you to our partners and sponsors!

RAFFLE will be held on 19 October, at the end of the conference. Tickets can be purchased at the registration desk during the registration and coffee breaks. Raffle gifts include various ELT resources. LIST OF RAFFLE GIFTS (to be updated)NIK PEACHEY’S GIFTCreativity in the Language Classroom, edited by Alan Maley and Nik Peachey  BOOKSHOP “KRISOSTOMUS” GIFTS

4 sets of the coursebook PERSPECTIVES BrE (Student’s Book, Workbook+CD, Teacher’Book+CD+DVD), National Geographic Learning:

  • Pre-Intermediate Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Upper Intermediate Level
  • Advanced Level

6 titles from the Footprint Reading Library, National Geographic Learning:

  • Alternative Energy [Book with Multi-ROM]
  • Natacha’s Animal Rescue [Book with Multi-ROM]
  • Dinosaur Builder [Book with Multi-ROM]
  • The Great Kite Fight [Book with Multi-ROM]
  • Koalas [Book with Multi-ROM]
  • Varied Cultures of China [Book with Multi-ROM]


  • Coursebook Pioneer Level B1, B2, C1 (full set)
  • Coursebook Full Blast Level 1, 2, 3 (Teacher’s book with integrated Student’s book)
  • Coursebook language Hub (Studen’s book)
  • MM publications graded readers: The Creeping Man (Upper-intermediate)
  • MM publications graded readers: Jekyll and Hyde (Intermediate

2 sets of each of these titles:

  • Longman Basic English Dictionary for pre-intermediate learners.
  • Rotas. Anglų kalba pradedantiems  ir pasiekusiems vidurinį lygį.
  • Rotas. Verslo anglų kalba per 24 valandas.
  • Pearson. First certificate. Practice tests.
  • Pearson. My grammar Lab with key.


  • English Grammar and Tests (5 klasė) by Lina Vilūnienė, Olga Mickienė
  • Listening and Reading for Exams  by A. Raškauskienė, I. Ragaišienė, R. Žemaitienė
  • Letter Writing for Exams  by Audronė Raškauskienė, Ramutė Žemaitienė
  • Gateway 2nd Ed A2 Student’s Book Pack by David Spencer, Macmillan Publishers Ltd

“EARLY STAGE” GIFTS 3 sets of “Grammar Rhymes”
PEARSON GIFTS (to be updated)Graded Readers Brave New World + audio (PER 6 Advanced) Great Expectations + audio (PER 6 Advanced)Anna Karenina (PER 6 Advanced) Crime and Punishment + audio (PER 6 Advanced)Inventions that Changed the World + audio (PER 4 Intermediate)Three Adventures of Sherlock Holmes + audio (PER 4 Intermediate) Picture of Dorian Gray, the + audio (PER 4 Intermediate)Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy 2 + MP3 + CD (PER 4 Intermediate)Full Monty, the + Multi-ROM (PEAR 4 Intermediate)Odyssey, the + Multi-ROM (PEAR 4 Intermediate) 

Conference participants will have an opportunity to go on a guided bus tour of Vilnius.

The tour lasts for about 2 hours.

Tickets can be purchased at the registration desk during the coffee breaks.

Ticket price: 15-20 EUR (depending on the size of the group); cash only.

Vilnius City Tour

Tour Map

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The hotels are within walking distance to the Conference venue (5-10 minutes).

The organisers will assist participants in booking accommodation at these hotel. Conference participants do NOT need to contact the hotels before arrival.

Guests must pay the hotel bill upon arrival.
Breakfast is included.

CORNER HOTEL, T. Ševčenkos g. 16

Single room:
Economy – 36 EUR
Standard – 40 EUR

Double room:
Economy – 40 EUR
Standard – 44 EUR

HOTEL SIMPLE PLUS, T. Ševčenkos g. 21
Single room – 36 EUR
Double room – 40 EUR

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We recommend a few restaurants which are within walking distance from the conference venue.

Friday, October 18th LUNCH BREAK 13:30-15:00

“Element”, T.Ševčenkos g.16 (Corner Hotel). Business Lunch / Swedish Table 7.50 EUR.

“Sofra”, T.Ševčenkos g. 16A. Turkish cuisine.

“Žalias bufetukas”,  T.Ševčenkos g. 19. Day lunch 6 EUR.

“Pas suvalkietę”, Vytenio g. 20. Day lunch 4.80 EUR.

“Jin Mei” Chinese restaurant, Vytenio g. 8

“Soja”, Birželio 23-iosios g. 10

“Pizza Jazz” in the RIMI Hypermarket, Kedrų g. 4

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Loreta Andziulienė
Izolda Bieliūnienė
Nida Burneikaitė
Elmyra Jurkšaitienė
Diana Galatiltienė
Dr. Robin Gingerich
Dr. Rita Juknevičienė
Romualda Liutkuvienė
Dr. Eglė Petronienė – chairperson
Inesa Rusecka
Dr. Linas Selmistraitis
Saulius Skučas
Kristina Urbonienė
Inga Veberienė
Loreta Zavadskienė


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